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Project „schultransform“: Next crucial phase starts

The government-funded German project “schultransform” will soon start another crucial phase. Bündnis für Bildung (BfB), German member of the European Edtech Alliance, is one of the project partners.

The purpose of the project is to support schools in the digital transformation of education by providing them various professionally developed self-tests. These self-tests lead to a picture of the as-is state of the school’s individual digitalization. The project also developed and provides guidances and recommended procedures for the steps, schools have to take after the evaluation of the as-is state towards a more digital future of their structures and education. These guidances follow a holistic approach and feature topics from “Leadership and planning“ for innovation processes to “School equipment”, “Data privacy” or “Intelligent learning spaces”.

The Alpha-Version of the project’s content started in November 2020 and was presented at the Digital Summit Conference of the German Federal Government. The Beta-Version started in February 2021.

The next phase of the project will now start in September 2021. The project team has used the past months for intensive interviews and workshops with school bearers and representatives of all different types of schools in Germany about the provided self-test questionnaires to sharpen the guidances and recommended procedures. The completely reworked content will be provided on

Questions about the project? Contact:

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